My work is a compendium of all the things i grow up with, like television, music, parents-daughter relations, food, my mother, grandfathers, love, hatred and being alone most of my life. Its a way to project my fantasies in a sometimes cruel, sometimes loving enviroment but always critical in the way in which it is projected. It is a nostalgic cameback to the absurd of the simbology of our own desires and customs. My approach to art remembers the iconography and religious projection of old cultures mostly because it often touches the subject of moral meaning and ambiguous ethics. It is an exploration of being born in an americanized enviroment where junk food, junk television, junk law system and mediatic paranoia is the standard way of living. All this is encapsulated in threatening totemic shapes that remind us of ancient civilizations but totally inherent to our own modern perceptions of what is normal and accepted by our culture.

One of the main explorations in my approach is the ironic and sometimes misused term of artistic representation. In Puerto Rico, contrary to other parts of the global village, Art is not about the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects but for anything that may appear on television and radio. Our culture is so mediatized that our artistic personification of the subject is often found in the music business, not on music as a whole, as a creative process but music as a business that moves millions of dollars. Creativity is something that does not have anything to do with the industry. Our art is music selling and television is our religion. Art as reflexion of life is something that does not have any space in our culture. We have museums, galleries, public and private spaces devoted to art but is the coliseums and tv studios the hold the public eye to trhe aspect of creativity and creation.

Along with these totemic shapes or MonoXilos as i refer to them; that is a blending of the concepts of Monolith and Xilo (graphy), my work is often changing from wood sculpture-installations to painting and video concepts as well as electronical media in various design, conceptual and management related fiels. Other platform i am involved along with my partner and husband, Daniel Arnaldo Roman, is an art, design and culture blog-magazine called Trance Liquido and a design-art colective called Grupo Probeta.