• Mortuary Cap Queen

    Lilliam Nieves 2:35 2018

    We always celebrate our uniqueness, our transparency, and how developed we are; still, we live in a constant, accelerated rhythm of life with no apparent way to stop. We don't think anymore in our lives as a temple, a habitat... we are selfless. We cannot find ourselves in the garbage that swallowed our entire lives in part because our self individualism blinds the capacity to transcend, to be unified as a stronger society. Plastic, that useful material we depend on so much basically turn out to be a big problem. How could we control the ever growing volume of artificial waste? Our individualism is the reason. We are constantly celebrating our own death, we celebrate being plastic, being immortals, being beautiful as this plastic waste is a reflection of who we are.

    My proposal is an ironic celebration of being immortalised in plastic, crowned by it following rituals from the past where coins were given or placed in the eyes for a safe travel, only this time is with plastic cups as well.