Project Plan 2009-2010

1. Art project

Working title:

The Project… Delicious Experiments

Description of your art project including expected output. Be specific as to media, size, quantities:

  • A series of video performances and photographs displaying the rites of beauty in Puerto Rico.
  • Labeling myself with a prices print maker by placing the tickets in the face and over my body.
  • Demonstrate the confusion and hassle of applying creams or makeup in an obsessive manner as to imply dependancy to beauty’s. requirement Before taking courses or guidelines for the management of beauty products.
  • Documentation of my image changes (before and after) – Hair, face, manicure and pedicure, etc. – Providing a diary of the process in a blog
  • Establish a collaborators network that provide the services needed for the project.

2. Research project

Working title:

I buy therefore I am… the ritual of beauty in the Puerto Rican women.

Formulate the working hypothesis or topic of inquiry:

On this project the main research topic would be the ritual of beauty in the Puerto Rican women and how it is perceived thru the eyes of society.

Description of your research project including expected output:

Everything depends on how we define beauty and how far a woman can reach to achieve it. What are the rituals that have used a model to follow and what are the spectates behind this role are the motives behind the research.


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3. Art and research connection

Turn out the rituals of the search for beauty in Puerto Rico through its execution. A variety show where video performance of the procedure will be the main subject.

4. Context of your art project

It is called beauty a woman of remarkable beauty. Puerto Rican women has been highlighted in beauty contests before other nations. However, my quest is to unveil the requirements, the motives, the procedures and its function in a modern society.

5. Formulate entire project plan in one or two meaningful sentences:

In many of these rituals, pain and discomfort is involved to achieve certain beauty status. It is part of the ritual of pain and recreates a complete healing ritual for the beauty ideal.

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